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CHANT is a new global Foundation and exciting social media movement that believes we all have the right to live in a more enchanted world.

A world filled with peace, positivity, meaning, beauty, harmony and unbridled joy.

CHANT also believes that the best way to bring this about is by liberating and bringing together the voice inside each of us to help create a better world for all of us.

Which is why we’re inviting everyone to chant for a more enchanted world.

To be part of CHANT we’d like you to use your computers, tablets and smart phones to film and record 7 seconds of your voice and donate it to one of our 7 global causes.

Our seven causes are Health, Humanity, Sustainability, Forests, Water, Atmosphere and Animals with each of our seven causes having its own unique signature note or tone.

So think of your CHANT as a 7 second ‘visual tweet’.


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Click here to download the CHANT Press Release.


The Complete Guide to Chanting | Click to download

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How to CHANT Guide | Click to download
Group CHANT Guide | Click to download
CHANT Tone Guide | Click to download


Record your CHANT in 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1: Choose your Cause

Choose one of the seven causes you want to chant for.

You can either CHANT the single note we’ve selected for that cause (preferably for 7 seconds without taking a breath) or you might decide to create your own unique seven-second CHANT.  You can sing, hum, whistle, play an instrument, or say something about your cause. It’s your CHANT so it’s your choice.

STEP 2: Record

With the camera on, please introduce yourself; tell us your name, your cause and your location. Record your 7 second chant.

STEP 3: Upload & Share

Once you’ve recorded your CHANT and you’re happy with it you can upload it to or e-mail it to

You can create and upload as many CHANTs as you like. The more we CHANT the more enchanted our world becomes. 

GROUP CHANT Instructions

Organizing, recording and uploading a group CHANT is easy, here’s how: 

1.   Choose a cause. Listen to the note. The group can either choose one cause, or a number of causes to chant for. You’ll find the colors, notes, and causes on

2.   With the camera on, please tell us your name, your cause and your location. If your group doesn’t want to sing, you can whistle, hum, play an instrument, or even talk about your cause. Use your voice however you’d like.

3.   Feel free to improvise! Chant together or divide into smaller groups. The notes we’ve chosen are just a starting point. Make the chant your own. Enjoy yourself!

4.   Share the Joy of CHANT. Something incredible happens when people chant together. If you all start on the same note, some people may decide to experiment and harmonize. If you all start on different notes, you may find you come together on one note in the end. Please record for at least 7 seconds.

5.   UPLOAD YOUR CHANT. Go to Click on “upload your chant”. Or email your chant to  By adding your voice you are helping CHANT raise awareness and funding for the causes that are important to you.

Choose a Cause, Play the note, CHANT!

Cause                                     Note                          Color

HEALTH                                   C                             Red

HUMANITY                              D                            Yellow

SUSTAINABILITY                                               Orange

FORESTS                                   F                             Green

WATER                                      G                             Blue

ATMOSPHERE                         A                            Purple

ANIMALS                                  B                             Pink

Below are links to free piano keyboard apps you can load on your phone; it’s easy & fun!



If you’re using your webcam to record your CHANT, try this free virtual keyboard.

Not feeling musical?  Just talk about your cause.  That’s your CHANT.

We want to hear from you!

Click here to download the CHANT Press Release.

CHANT’s co-founders are Dan Morrell and music producer Youth.

Dan Morrell traded the world’s first ton of carbon in 1988 for $5 in Somerset, UK; and created and trademarked the term ‘carbon neutral’.

Youth, aka Martin Glover, is the producer of U2, David Gilmour, Sir Paul McCartney, Primal Scream and many more.

The CHANT Foundation’s principal trustee is Craig Sams, founder of Green & Blacks chocolate, the world’s first Fair Trade product.

Click here to download the CHANT Press Release.

Click here to download the CHANT Press Release.

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At UN Climate Talks, Chanting for Change”, Voice of America. 12/7/2012

Carbon Chanting" by Don Ringe, The Huffington Post. 12/04/2012

Musician Urges Everyone at COP18 to Chant for Change”, COP18. 12/1/2012

To stay up to date SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST and we’ll send you all the latest news and happenings from CHANT.

Here are 2 mixes using enchanted voices gathered at Doha Qatar during Cop 18, climate change conference.

This first mix is an ambient zen mix and the second is Youth’s reworking of his classic hit, Little Fluffy Clouds. Download Little Fluffy Clouds and the Zen mix by “liking” our Facebook page below.  

Doha Zen Chant  
Fluffy Clouds Chant (Remix)  

The inspiring and uplifting sentiments of the people who participated are reflected in this music, and can be clearly seen in the wonderful facial expressions on our YouTube channel.

Please add your voice by chanting here, becoming a part of our evolving global choir. Your  wish and sentiment for our future well-being is recorded here as a permanent visual and sonic signature.  (Make sure to check your junk folder for download links.)

To stay up to date SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST and we’ll send you all the latest news and happenings from CHANT.  

here to download the CHANT Press Release.